Course Description

Allergies, Food, & Eating Disorders in School (1 Credit)

ED 512.6X

Children in today’s classrooms come with what may be considered invisible disorders. While seemingly invisible there is the potential for severe reactions that can be life threatening. Insect stings, pet fur (class pet), smoke, perfume, shellfish, nuts, and dairy products while appearing harmless can trigger reactions in children. According to the CDC “allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. (2/18/16).” Other children may see food in a different light due to an eating disorder. Nutrition deficit disorder (NDD) is another consideration. All levels of education (K-12) are impacted by these allergies and disorders. This class will delve into various allergies, food, and eating disorders and look at ways to assist students in dealing with them to create an inclusive school environment.




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