Course Description

"Hands-On" Art (3 Credits)

ED 514.2X

"Hands on Art" is not about lecture, reading or looking. It is about doing. Students learn about art by creating art. A large variety of projects will be presented. Lessons range from drawing faces, people, flowers, trees and houses, not only for you, but also for teaching children, to studies in watercolor and oil pastels, enlarging, using color, and creating designs. Experience is not necessary, as each project is presented with step-by-step instructions. The instructor's objective is for you to take home several pieces to frame, and you will.

Section: 1 Apr 17-Apr 21 Closed

Section: 2 Jun 19-Jun 23 Closed

Section: 2 Apr 10-Apr 13 Closed

Site: ** CANCELED ** MATC Oak Creek Campus (Mon-Thu 7:30 am - 4:30 pm) *COURSE CANCELED*

Instructor: Janice Blooming


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Email Lorraine Lahdenpera, Director McPherson College Milwaukee Center.

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