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Digital Storytelling (3 Credits)

ED 531.1X

This course explores digital story design and integration into the K-12 classroom utilizing rich media (images, music, sound, narration, and video) for both student multimedia projects as well as instructional ideas. The course will provide an opportunity to strengthen communication skills by exploring a variety of multimedia storytelling. We grow up surrounded by stories told with pictures, words and music particularly on television and in movies. Take advantage of this media familiarity to create stories to bring memories and experiences to life. The class will utilize several different movie editors and is PC based. References and connections are made of similar/equivalent Mac programs. Prerequisite: Intermediate level computer skills; basic use of digital camera; basic understanding of operating systems (Mac OS or Windows), and ability to find, name, create files and folders. Students should have access to a computer, as well as a digital camera, outside of class.




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