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Google: The Whole Kit and Caboodle **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

ED 533.0X

Trying to figure out what Google is all about? Is your school or business migrating to Google programs? Google Drive provides free online access to programs that allow collaboration with colleagues and friends in real time. Google Drive is everywhere you are and so are all of your files. Learn the basics of the most frequently used tools; Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets and develop ideas for student-centered activities. And then take it to the next level with Google add-ons which allow anyone to enhance Google Drive tools with customized features. Computer/Internet access outside of class is a must. Google Sites & Google Classroom WILL NOT be covered. ONLINE Meets in person at Mukwonago High School the first and last day of class in the evening.

Section: 1 Apr 10-May 15 Closed

Site: ONLINE COURSE ~ Meets Apr 10 & May 15 (5-8 pm) Greendale HS

Instructor: Dea Fowler


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Email Lorraine Lahdenpera, Director McPherson College Milwaukee Center.

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