Course Description

Creating Classroom Websites **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

ED 536.8X

Participants will gain the ability to create a website that follows basic design principles, has quality content and offers a connection for both parents and students. Classroom websites can be easily adapted to fit into any theme and grade level thereby providing teachers with the tools to allow their students to connect outside of the classroom, meeting curriculum goals for both state and national standards. At the end of the course each participant will have created a usable website related to their specific subject matter that integrates various online tools that enhance the site. Various web tools will be used. Prerequisites: Comfortable level of personal computer skills; basic use of digital camera; basic understanding of operating systems (Mac OS or Windows), and ability to find, name, create files and folders. Students should have access to a computer/ Internet outside of class and an email account they can access during class. ONLINE Meets in-person the first and last day of the course.




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