Course Description

The Internet for the Teacher **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

ED 536.9X

This course will be useful and appropriate for all teachers in any subject area. Students will be given the hands-on opportunity to explore the vast resources available to teachers on the Internet. Students will spend a majority of time developing lesson plans and finding activities that can be used in their classroom. Also, students will broaden their knowledge of curriculum and assessments. Students will research information from professional organizations, such as DPI and CESA. Activities, plans, and resources will be shared among classmates via e-mail. Day one is a face-to-face meeting during which time students will be introduced to the program as well as the online interface that will be used for the class. The final day is also a face-to-face meeting. In-person sessions are in the evening hours. The remainder of the course will be conducted using the Internet through an online classroom interface.

Section: 1 Apr 25-May 30 Closed

Site: ONLINE COURSE ~ Meets Apr 25 & May 30 (5-8 pm) at Greendale HS

Instructor: Donald Petre


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Email Lorraine Lahdenpera, Director McPherson College Milwaukee Center.

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