Course Description

Teaching the Smart Way (3 Credits)

ED 537.4X

Whether you have a SmartBoard in your classroom or are hoping to get one soon, you will benefit from the hands-on opportunity to develop your Smart skills and explore resources to help you improve your Smart lessons. This course is geared toward teachers of all age levels and subject areas. Having a SmartBoard is not a requirement for this course. Participants will develop lessons using Smart Notebook software, as well as, develop a database of ready-made lessons that they can tailor to suit their curriculum and classroom. Learn how to use this latest technology that really engages students and teachers alike.

Section: 1 Jun 18-Jun 22

Section: 2 Jul 16-Jul 20

Site: St. Matthews ~ Oak Creek (M-F 8am-4pm)

Instructor: Denise Meyer


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Email Lorraine Lahdenpera, Director McPherson College Milwaukee Center.

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