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Co-Teaching: Meeting Every Child’s Needs through a Successful Partnership (3 Credits) ** HYBRID COURSE **

ED 555.8X

Are you a special ed teacher supporting in a regular ed classroom? Are you a regular ed teacher with a special ed teacher assigned to support in your classroom? Would you like to create a partnership to increase the achievement of ALL your students? Learn how to differentiate for every student in your classroom through co-teaching. This course provides teachers of all levels background knowledge and strategies to begin, or further develop, a successful co-teaching partnership. We will share how to begin the journey of co-teaching, how to make the partnership work, develop lessons, and highlight achievement data to support the success of this model. The focus will be on practical application of the models of team teaching and co-teaching, reflection and application of team relationship building, and lesson planning in a co-teaching classroom. HYBRID FORMAT: Meets in person Tuesdays July 12th through August 2nd 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM & ONLINE




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