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"Hands-On" Art (3 Credits)

A School View of the 3 B’s: The Bystander, the Bullied, & the Bully

Abandoning the Myth of the Nuclear Family (1 Credit)

Adolescents: Where are they coming from, where are they going and what can we do? (3 Credits)

All That Jazz: Building Resiliency through the Arts (3 Credits)

Allergies, Food, & Eating Disorders in School (1 Credit)

Bloodletters & Badmen: Stories of the Infamous & Notorious in US History (3 Credits)

Bringing Art to your Classroom (3 Credits)

Choose Your Own Adventure (3 Credits)

Classroom Organization & Management Program ** HYBRIDE / ONLINE COURSE ** (3 Credits)

Co-Teaching: Meeting Every Child’s Needs through a Successful Partnership (3 Credits) ** HYBRID COURSE **

Communicating to Understand and be Understood - Even in the Difficult Moments (3 Credits)

Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving Techniques (3 Credits)

Coping with troubled students & the effects of the home environment on Classroom Management (3 Credits)

Creating a Language Rich Educational Environment (3 Credits)

Creating a New Role in Teaching (3 Credits)

Creating a Peaceful Presence through Mindfulness, Movement and Connection (3 Credits) ** HYBRID COURSE **

Creating Classroom Websites **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Creative Reading Strategies and Book Publishing (3 Credits)

Critical Vocabulary for the CCSS (1 Credit)

Cruising with Career Connections (3 Credits)

Cultural Diversity in Education (3 Credits)

Current Trends in Physical Fitness/Wellness (3 Credits)

Desktop Publishing with Microsoft Word (3 Credits)

Digital Storytelling (3 Credits)

Discerning and Discovering the Special Needs Student

Discipline Made Easy (3 Credits)

Empowering Ourselves: Empowering Our Students (3 Credits)

Empowering Students to Prevent Substance Abuse (1 Credit)

Excel in the Classroom **ONLINE COURSE** 3 CREDITS

Fantastic Lessons from Fabulous Leaders (3 Credits)

Fit for Life (3 Credits)

Flipping the Classroom: Creating a Blended Environment **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Fostering a Positive Classroom/School Community (3 Credits)

From Cyberspace to Playgrounds: The Teacher's Role in Ending the Bullying Cycle (3 Credits)

Funtastic Foldables: An Interactive Learning Tool

Get Centered! Projects & Activities for Classroom Literacy Centers (3 Credits)

Gifted in Many Ways (1 Credit)

Google Classroom (3 Credits)

Google: The Whole Kit and Caboodle **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Helping Students Create Identify and Self Esteem (3 Credits)

How to Train Tomorrow's Leaders Today (3 Credits)

Integrating Environmental Principles (3 Credits)

Internet Resources in the Classroom (3 Credits)

Interpersonal Communication "Using Your Sphere of Influence" (3 Credits)

Know Flippin' Way! (3 Credits)

Learning with Dr. Seuss (1 Credit)

Let's Go to the Movies (3 Credits)

Making a Difference: Linking with Our Local Heroes

Making the Civil War Come Alive (3 Credits)

Mindful Self-Compassion (3 Credits) ** HYBRID COURSE **

Mindfulness, Teenagers and the Creative Arts (3 Credits)

Multi-Cultural Connections through Art (3 credits)

Myth vs. Reality: Looking at the Special Needs Spectrum (3 Credits)

Natural History of Kettle Moraine (3 Credits)

One Child (3 Credits) ** ONLINE COURSE **

Out and About: The Spirit of Communities (3 Credits)

Out of the Past: Amazing Stories, Facts & Resources... (3 Credits)

Paint Like A Master (3 Credits)

Phonics is FUNdamental (3 Credits)

Photoshop (3 Credits)

Photoshop for the Digital Photographer (3 Credits)

Podcasting 101 (3 Credits)

PowerPoint for the Classroom (3 Credits)

Proactive Personal Health Management (3 Credits)

Rekindle the Passion to Teach (3 Credits)

Screencasting (1 Credit)

Season Up Your Teaching (3 Credits)

Social Emotional Learning; Impact on Stress & the Brain (1 Credit)

Students of Dysfunctional Families and the Learning Environment

Teaching Environmental Awareness (3 Credits)

Teaching in the Athletic Classroom (3 Credits)

Teaching Online & Blended Learning (1 Credit)

Teaching the Smart Way (3 Credits)

Teaching the Smart Way II (3 Credits)

Teaching Wisconsin Wildlife Conservation Issues (3 Credits)

Teaching with Chromebooks/G Suites (3 Credits)

Teaching with iPads (3 Credits)

Teaching with iPads **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Tell Me a Story…Unique Ideas for Storytelling in the Classroom (3 Credits)

The Art of Educational Customer Service…Understanding and Communicating with the Client (3 Credits)

The Development & Utilization of an Individual Fitness Program (1 Credit)

The Internet for the Teacher **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Traits, Modes, and Genres in the Writing Process (3 Credits)

Using Multiple Intelligence Concepts in Education (3 Credits)

Using the ELA/Literacy Common Core State Standards to Teach (3 Credits)

Virtual Literacy Resources Across the Curriculum **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Web 2.0 for the Classroom **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Welcome BACK to School ! (3 Credits)

Wisconsin State Parks and Forests (3 Credits)

Yoga* and Community in the Classroom (1 Credit)


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