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ED 520.4X | Click Here for Description

Wisconsin State Parks and Forests (3 Credits)

Section 1: Jun 25-Jun 29 Closed

Instructor: Fonda Fischer & Tom Tommerup 

ED 520.8X | Click Here for Description

Natural History of Kettle Moraine (3 Credits)

Section 1: Jul 23-Jul 27 Closed

Site: Excellence Center ~ Waukesha (M-F 8am-4pm)
Instructor: Erich Gottfried 

ED 528.4X | Click Here for Description

Creating a Language Rich Educational Environment (3 Credits)

Section 1: Jun 18-Jun 22 Closed

Site: MATC Oak Creek Campus (M-F 8am-4pm)
Instructor: Mikaely Schmitz 

ED 533.0X | Click Here for Description

Google: The Whole Kit and Caboodle **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Section 1: Apr 10-May 15 Closed

Site: ONLINE COURSE ~ Meets Apr 10 & May 15 (5-8 pm) Greendale HS
Instructor: Dea Fowler 

ED 533.4X | Click Here for Description

Google Classroom (3 Credits)

Section 1: Jun 20-Jul 25

Instructor: Dea Fowler 

ED 536.9X | Click Here for Description

The Internet for the Teacher **ONLINE COURSE** (3 Credits)

Section 1: Apr 25-May 30 Closed

Site: ONLINE COURSE ~ Meets Apr 25 & May 30 (5-8 pm) at Greendale HS
Instructor: Donald Petre 

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