Welcome to Spring 2021!

The McPherson College campus in late spring.

What to Expect in the Spring Semester

The academic focus for the spring 2021 is providing as much in-person instruction and personal attention while maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment. Students and faculty who did not return to campus for interterm are required to be tested upon arrival or to present documentation of a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival. Everyone who can should quarantine for 10 days before returning.

Q: How will classrooms be set-up this semester?

A: All COVID-19 precautions will remain in place for the duration of the semester. Masks will be required and all classroom spaces will be socially distanced. Faculty will be prepared to accommodate students who are temporarily unable to attend class sessions due to quarantine or isolation. This spring, every classroom is equipped with a 360-degree camera that makes it possible for faculty teaching courses with split rosters to integrate remote students into class sessions in real time. 

Q: Will any spring classes be online?

A: Very few. The only classes offered fully online are those with instructors who cannot safely be present in the classroom due to underlying, high-risk health conditions. 

Q: Can I choose to take my spring courses online?

A: With just a few exceptions, all spring courses will be hybrid or fully in person, requiring classroom attendance and on-campus presence. McPherson College’s curriculum has not been designed for online delivery;  courses must be completed on campus. Students with documented disabilities or high-risk health conditions can apply for an online accommodation. For more information about ADA accommodations, email Carole Barr at The college reserves the right to decline online delivery of some courses such as those with significant shop, studio, or lab components.

Q: What attendance policy is in effect this spring?

A: Students who experience any symptoms of illness should not attend class, go to the dining hall, or participate in practices. Ill students must immediately notify their faculty, resident director or other student life staff person, and coach, if applicable. Faculty will be promptly notified of students who are referred to the campus clinic for testing. They will be prepared to accommodate students who are in quarantine or isolation. Asymptomatic students should continue to participate fully in any online course activities. 


COVID Updates