On Monday, March 30, McPherson College transitions to completing the Spring 2020 semester remotely using online resources. The COVID-19 pandemic demands new ways of teaching and learning for all of us. The tips and resources below are meant to support students with the unexpected transition to remote learning and to promote course completion. 

Finding Your New Normal

  • Don’t treat the rest of the semester as an extended vacation or think that remote learning is easier or requires less time than in-person classes. In fact, learning remotely requires more self-discipline and time. To be successful, you must continue approaching classes as seriously as you did when on campus.
  • Get up at a regular time and get dressed and ready for “college from home.” Stick to your former class schedule or your instructor’s revised schedule as much as you can. (You may have to follow your regular class schedule if your classes will be live online.) Stay with that routine. Doing so will help you have a feeling of normalcy and prevent you from falling behind.
  • Login to your college email and Bulldog Connect everyday!
  • Use your academic planner, a calendar/list, or an app such as My Study Life to keep track of your assignments. You will no longer have the benefit of the professor and other students reminding you regularly of upcoming due dates.
  • Create a study spot that works for you. Think about where and how you studied at MC. Try to get some of the same elements you had in that space in a new space (sunlight, sitting at a desk, facing a door or wall, a favorite picture nearby, etc.) If you live with family or friends, ask not to be disturbed when you are in your study spot.
  • Ask questions! Clear communication is key to thriving in our new normal. Don’t be afraid to get clarification when you are unsure.
  • Schedule virtual lunches and study times with college friends. Keeping your relationships and support systems in place can help you stay motivated.
  • Be flexible and forgiving. Your professors are learning new things as well. They are experimenting with new ways to keep you engaged and to deal with assignments, exams, discussions, and submission of your work. Kindness should be our default in times of change. In the end, put your best foot forward and be open to change.
  • There may be times when the new normal is kicking your butt. Ask for help! Your faculty, the Center for Academic Development, the Writing Center, Miller Library, the Career and Experiential Learning Center, Computer Services, the registrar's office, and mental health clinic are all offering their services remotely. Schedule online appointments and receive the same support you would on campus.